Mangosteen Plus 28 saved me from final stage breast cancer

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Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy

Final Stage Breast Cancer 末期乳癌


Since 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within 4 years, the thrice recurrence of cancer resulted the spreading of cancer cells to the liver which lead to yellowish skin and eyes. My skin was also severly ulcerated. After the third recurrence, the doctor told me : “You are in the final stage of breast cancer, so it is better for you to discharge from the hospital.” I was so hopeless at the moment when my doctor decided not to provide any further treatment for me anymore. When I went back home, my body started to become so weak and needed some extra care from others. I had loss my appetite and my weight dropped drastically to 43kg. Ulcers all over my body caused me to scratch them and I was forced to bath 7 times daily.

在2008年,我患上乳癌。2010年,癌细胞扩散,导致身体蜡黄,连眼睛也呈黄色。2011年,癌症再次复发,皮肤开始溃疡。2013年正月的复发,医生对我说:“你的癌症是末期,剩下不久命,可以出院准备后事了。” 我就好像被判死刑一样,连医生也放弃医治我。出院后,身体极度虚弱,需要别人的照顾。我没胃口吃东西,体重下降到43kg。全身溃疡加倍严重,导致不停抓痒。在痒到无法止住时,只有每天冲凉7次。


Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy   Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy

After drinking the mangosteen Plus 28 for a period of 3 months, 3 sachets in the morning and night, in April 2013, all the ulcers healed. My body weight also bounced back to 47kg. Now I am able to do household chores again. My blood test report showed a decrease in the cancer antigen and the liver dysfunction readings.  Whenever I recall of this dark memories, I will feel so grateful and I must thank my friend who recommended me to drink Mangosteen Plus 28 as well as to apply belamour onto my wounds.

连续3个月喝28山竹水,每天早晚各3条后,在2013年4月,溃疡的伤口完全复合,体重也上升至47kg。现在我还可以煮饭给家人吃了。验血报告也显示肝脏和癌指数有所改善。当回想起所经历的痛苦时,我真心感谢十几年的老朋友,在医生放弃我时,给我喝Mangosteen Plus,还时常帮我的伤口涂Belamour Cream。


✓ Mangosteen Plus 28 Mixed Fruit Drink saved my life! 山竹28救了我的命!