Mangosteen Plus 28 helped reduce my rheumatic pain

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Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pain

Rheumatic Pain 风湿痛


I had rheumatic pain for years. I had tried a variety of traditional herbs but there was no improvement. At night, I would experience bone pain over the whole body and thus I could not sleep well. I also had high blood pressure for 8 years. I must take medication to control my blood pressure level. If I forget to take the medication, my blood pressure would shoot up and that might result in irregular heart beat and dizziness.



After consuming Mangosteen Plus 28 for a period of 1 month, 1 sachet each in the morning and evening, my rheumatic problem has improved. Even during raining days, my joints would not pain anymore. My high blood pressure also decreased. Thank you my friend for suggesting me to drink Mangosteen Plus 28.



✓ Mangosteen Plus 28 Mixed Fruit Drink helped me to ease my Rheumatic pain and reduce my blood pressure! 山竹28帮我改善风湿和降低血压!