Mangosteen Plus 28 helped reduce dark spots on my skins

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Dark Spot, Freckles

Dark Spots 老人斑


I have hereditary dark spots problem. Since was in my 40s, I developed more and more dark spots on my skin, especially on my face and hands. Recently the number of dark spots showed a sudden increase. I had 3 years of floaters too. Whenever I looked into the wall, there were so many dark spots flying around. I had tried to eat tonic food for eyes but there was no improvement.



Dark Spot, Freckles


After consuming Mangosteen Plus 28 for a period of 2 month, 1 sachet each in the morning and night, the dark spots on my skin faded. The floaters also improved and my left eye could see less dark spots. Although my right eye could still see dark spots but I already felt contented with the improvement shown. Thank you my friend for giving me Mangosteen Plus 28 to drink.



✓ Mangosteen Plus 28 Mixed Fruit Drink helped me to improve my skin complexion! 山竹28帮我改善皮肤光泽淡化黑斑!