Mangosteen Plus 28 helped improve my asthmatic and prostate swelling problems

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Asthma & Prostate Swelling 气喘,前列腺肿胀


I have been suffering from asthma for 2 years due to long term hard work, lack of rest and high level of stress. I had difficulty in breathing and my heartbeat was so fast while climbing stairs. Hence I had to stop and rest for a while after I climbed each level. The thing that scared me most was that I often experienced a sudden suffocation while sleeping and that woke me up. All these symptoms made me so worried and I was also forced to stop exercise. Besides that, my swollen prostate caused me to have urinating difficulty. My urine was full of bubbles.



After consuming Mangosteen Plus 28 for a period of 1 month, 1 sachet each in the morning and night, my asthma improved and I no longer felt tired while climbing stairs. I no longer faced suffocation and I resumed my exercise as usual. The prostate problem also improved. I can urinate with ease and there were less bubbles. Thank you my friend for introducing Mangosteen Plus 28 to me and helped me to improve my body condition.



✓ Mangosteen Plus 28 Mixed Fruit Drink helped me to improve on my asthmatic and prostate problems! 山竹28帮我改善气喘,前列腺肿胀问题!